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  • Perfect Pet Products Lawn and Urine Damage for Dogs
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Perfect Pet Products Lawn and Urine Damage for Dogs

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LAWN + URINE DAMAGE-Dead grass/spots in your lawn from dog's urine are preventable, usually without additional costs. We guarantee that you can resolve this problem when you follow our step-by-step remedies. Compare how much you spend to make your lawn look great vs. this low cost kit, which will keep your lawn looking great and may save money on dog food, and other lawn products.

An easy to use one step urine test helps detect abnormal levels of PH, protein (urea), blood (infection), and other chemicals in the urine and helps you make dietary corrections. It may keep your pet healthy by detecting kidney, bladder, diabetes, or other common diseases much sooner for early detection. An easy to use chart which helps you interpret the results. A 12 page booklet with a myriad of helpful suggestions to prevent damage caused by urine burning the grass. We help you to know if the urine is abnormal and what to do about it. If the urine is normal, we help you to know what other changes to make to solve the problem PERMANENTLY. WE GUARANTEE RESULTS -100% Satisfaction! We are a veterinary company with 40 years experience solving these physical or behavioral problems. This damage can be permanently prevented. LAWN + URINE DAMAGE All your lawn urine and stool solutions in one package. No more dead grass! 100%

Guaranteed! An easy one step urine test will help diagnose and treat urine problems. A 12 page booklet written by veterinarians helps you train your dog to urinate and /or defecate in specific areas. We provide a step-by-step guide to utilize other permanent solutions. Bonus solutions may prevent dogs from eating stools.


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