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  • Kurgo Up & About Dog Lifter Support Harness
  • Kurgo Up & About Dog Lifter Support Harness
  • Kurgo Up & About Dog Lifter Support Harness
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Kurgo Up & About Dog Lifter Support Harness

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The Up & About Lifter is the perfect solution for an aging dog who can still get around, but finds is harder than it used to be to climb stairs or get into the car. The thickly padded chest section and adjustable straps on both the top and bottom ensure comfort, and the handle allows you to help when it’s needed without prohibiting your dog’s movement.

• Machine wash gentle or hand wash. Air dry
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Why We Love It

  • Ergonomic design to reduce contact with pain points
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Padded chest piece
  • Chest strap keeps lifter in position and prevents slipping
  • Designed for dogs 40-80 lbs. with up to a 36” chest
  • Great alternative to pet vehicle ramps

About Kurgo

We believe your dog is more than just a pet. She is your best friend, family member, hiking partner, and brewery tour buddy. You go everywhere together—maybe it’s to the ends of the earth, maybe it’s to the end of your street. We want to help you go safely, comfortably, and happily together. That’s why we specifically design our products to make adventuring with your dog easier than ever before.

We want our products to enhance your journeys with your pup through simple, durable, and need-based designs. We believe it’s the greatest honor when someone invests their money in something we made, so we strive to honor our customers by creating consistently high-quality products backed by our lifetime warranty.

Dogs have always been central to our lives, and we know how important they are to you. We hope you’ll let us help you go even further together.